Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions, here are the answers......

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How do I join the league?
Check the schedule and show up! No pre-registration is required.

The season has already started, can I still join?
Yes. You may join anytime during any season (except at finals or the make-up week).

When does the league meet?
Every Thursday evening (7:30 p.m.), Friday evening (7:30 p.m.), and Sunday afternoon (2:00 p.m.) during each season. 

Do I need to attend every week?
No. Your lowest two weeks' scores are dropped in calculating your ranking so there is no penalty for missing up to two weeks.

How long is each season and how many seasons are there per year?
Each season is 9 weeks long (8 regular meets, and finals). We typically play 3 seasons per calendar year (winter, spring, and fall).

How much does it cost?
$20 per player per season. This funds the refreshments and prizes at finals, pays IFPA fees, and offsets some basic admin costs of running the league.  You are also entered into a raffle for a pinball machine once per year.  Additionally, there are costs each night you play in the form of a cover charge (such as at Pittsburgh Pinball Dojo) or coin-drop per play (such as at Kickback Pinball Cafe).  Occasionally we will play private locations on free-play.

Is there an age requirement for joining league?
No. All ages are welcome at league. Some of our Friday evening locations may restrict minors however. Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons are always all-ages.  Note: minors will be drawn into random groups like everyone else and they must be self-sufficient to coin-up and play the games.

How does the competition work?
Show up at any league night and sign in. Players are randomly drawn into 4-player groups (sometimes groups may contain 3 or 5 players). You will play 3 different pinball machines during the meet. Points are awarded for first place (5 points), second place (3 points), third place (2 points), and last place (1 point on each game). After the three games, you will then have a meet final score between 3 points and 15 points. These scores are accumulated throughout the season.

What happens at the end of the season?
Players are ranked into divisions based on their total points for the season. Everyone plays in a playoff format for finals against others from your division only. Thursday, Friday, and Sunday sub-leagues are combined for the finals.  Generally, the combined top 32 players are in "A" division, the next 32 are in "B", the next 32 in "C", and so on.

Are there prizes or awards?
Yes. The top 4 players in each division receive cash prizes and/or trophies or plaques. WPPR (World Pinball Player Ranking) points are awarded for league play for players that play a minimum of 6 weeks in a season (this is a WPPR restriction, not a PPL rule).